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Finding Superior Kitchen Appliances

After we purchased a new home, I realized that the kitchen appliances were old, outdated, and severely in need of a replacement. Unfortunately, I didn't know that much about kitchen appliances, and I was concerned that I would choose options that wouldn't work for us long-term. To invest our hard-earned money wisely, I started researching appliances. I decided to go with a french door refrigerator and a gas range, and I was really excited about the ultra-efficient dishwasher. This blog is all about the different features new appliances offer, and how you might be able to get a great deal on your new kitchen.

Tips To Help You Install Your Washing Machine And Dryer

When you install a new washing machine and electric dryer, you must do the install work just right or you could end up damaging the units and your home. Below, you will find some tips that can help to ensure that the install is done right and that your new appliances will work as efficiently as they are meant to.

Washing Machine Installation Tips

Plastic Floor Liner – This is especially important if you are installing your machine on a non-concrete floor. A plastic floor liner is a drip tray that fits underneath your washing machine. It catches any water that leaks from the machine and prevents it from soaking into the wood subfloor.

Hose Connections – Make sure that your hoses are in great condition before installing the washing machine. Replacement hoses are inexpensive, so if your hoses appear to be deteriorating or corroding at the connections, replace them to prevent water leaking and damaging your walls and flooring and causing mold problems.

Level the Machine – Some of the newer models of washing machines have rounded tops. If this is the case, and the machine is a top-loader, open the lid, place a board across the wash tub and set a level across the board. Use the feet on the front of the machine to level it perfectly. This will help to ensure that the washing machine is completely level and avoid the damage and frustration that can come with a washing machine that is not completely level.

Run an Empty Cycle – Your washing machine should be run empty on a warm wash setting prior to using it to wash any clothes. This will help with two issues: identifying leaks and cleaning the oils and substances inside the machine out before your clothing goes in. After the cycle has finished, pull the machine away from the wall and check that there is no water around the hose connections and drain hose.

Electric Dryer Installation Tips

Vent –There are several types of vents that you can use, but the one that will hold up to many years of use with fewest issues is a rigid metal vent. This type of vent requires a little more work during the installation and costs a bit more to buy, but it will not sag and cause the lint coming from the dryer to build up and catch fire. The second best option is a flexible metal vent hose. This type of vent hose bends to shape during installation, but holds the shape in which you form it so that lint doesn't build up inside.

Level the Dryer – Level the dryer as you did the washing machine.

Talk with your local appliance company such as Wiseman's Appliance to find the answers to any other questions you may have about the installation of your new washer and dryer.